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My name is Nyaboé. Welcome to my blog/podcast, Songs (and other things) We like, where we talk about whatever we want and the music that carries us through our existence.

This show and blog, is an exploration of what goes into making music “ours”…the sick basslines, the gorgeous strings, the harmonies and adlibs, the lyrics that describe exactly how we feel…or exactly how we want to feel …basically whatever it is that makes us connect with different pieces of music.

Every month, I host a music enthusiast and “raid” their music collection as they talk about whatever is on their mind on that particular day, and if I get lucky they tell me the stories behind some of their favourite musical compositions.

Essentially we get to know more about the person through their interests and their music and vice versa.

Listen in here.

I will also share my daily music blog, music news, album reviews, as well as downloadable DJ mixes for your enjoyment.

Check our IG page to keep up with us and please feel free to share yours in the comment section. Let’s talk!

Thanks for visiting! 🙂

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