Season 2, Episode 1 – DJ coco Em

DJ Coco -EM (1)


It’s rare to find incredible talents who are also a joy to be around. Emma Nzioka, aka DJ coco Em is one of those rarities. Sis is legit, nice. So nice in fact, that I kinda lost the plot and we went on many tangents instead (if we sound all over the place, that’s why).

She came to studio with her equally nice manager, Jacqueline, and after a little wine and Pringles mwitu (see below), we got to talking:



They taste great though!

Emma is one of those people who moves through the world leading with curiosity, and it has served her well in her various artistic endeavours. Coupled with child-like enthusiasm and undeniable grit, this is a woman who will no doubt continue to produce not only great but intrinsically joyful work…and I for one am very excited to follow her on her journey.

Her next set is tonight, 7th June where she will be returning for Cheza Roho at the @muzeclub. 

Keep up with her on her IG too.


*Look out for a playlist of her selections on our Youtube page.





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