Announcements and views on “Views”.


Because, anxiety management. Much thanks to Miyazaki and friends.

I have been away.

The truth is, I am not doing very well, planning-wise.

Decided to cut down my posting schedule significantly to make sure I stay on top of things. Which brings me to my first announcement:

  1. Written posts will be up  every fortnight, henceforth. The reason for this is I need time and space to give more than half-baked fluff posts, which is what would happen if I ended up posting constantly. The internets say you guys like to read these things on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I think I will go with Thursdays. Thursdays have almost always been good to me. So Thursday 5pm.
  2. Audio reviews will be up weekly on Tuesdays, at 5 PM.
  3. So much has happened in the last 3 weeks, musically. We lost Prince and Papa Wemba, Beyonce dropped the mammoth that is Lemonade, Drake dropped Views, Skepta dropped Konichiwa, Kaytranada dropped 99.9…I am going to process all of this and cover it as comprehensively as I can.

That’s all the announcements for now. 🙂

My friend’s whatsapp messages on Drake’s “Views”


The following are a series of messages I got from Ms. Vay on whatsapp immediately after “Views” dropped. I really enjoyed hearing what a proper Drake fan had to say. I will of course be sharing my own thoughts on the album soon.

Drake 3



Drake 4

Drake 1

Drake 5LOL. These made so me happy. Thank you so much Vay 🙂

What were your initial thoughts on Drake’s album? Share in the comments.

Tupatane next Tuesday for my quick, hopefully not too plebe-like  thoughts on Drake.



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