2016: The year of the saynger. Amen.

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I was recently deprived of my Sunday-night Jazz routine because Jack Ojiambo’s show on Nation FM is no more (apparently). So I headed over to the internet for reprieve. It came, in the form of Jazzanova. Hallelu. Have not stopped listening since. Happy new year to me…

…and to you, patient reader. 🙂 Been away for 4 months because life and laziness, but I’m back and I shan’t slack. That’s a promise. Hugs.

virtual hug gif.gif

Haiya…Now that we are friends again, I can tell you a little bit about what plans we have for this year.

Songs We Like would like to declare the year 2016: The year of the Saynger.


This year is an RnB (and its sub-genres) year for us. That doesn’t mean we won’t cover any other genres…just means we will delve deep into all things RnB.



Because in an increasingly fickle and gimmicky music industry, RnB music does not get the respect it deserves. This is a genre that is about true skill as well as showmanship. So many incredibly talented artists are going unnoticed because they are not interested in manufactured shock value and they simply want to tell heartfelt stories and hit perfect notes.

I’m here for that.

Plus RnB just swells the heart, doesn’t it? I wanna learn everything about RnB and share those heart-stopping moments with you. Also, we are going to explore where the kids are going with genre…I’m happy to report, it’s looking good. 🙂

As for the podcast, we will be back this February with great guests, some fun new segments and fantastic mixes.

Muko tayari?

Great! See you guys soon

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