Who Sampled it Wednesday #1: Tom Misch


This is a 43 minute loop of the 6 god aka Drake, or as I like to call him, Aubrey, saying “Jumpman”.

Please don’t pretend to be confused as to why I’d post this. You know y’all are all about the man. no matter how basic his stuff is, so I know you don’t at all mind him saying the same thing for 43 minutes over a standard trap beat.

That’s basically what Drake does anyway.

Nicki shade 2

No tea. No shade. No pink lemonade.

Seriously though…I like Drake. Someone even recently curated a collection of his work for me and after listening I get it. He’s likeable, catchy, clever in places and feel-good. We need some Drake in our ears mehn. But this piece was really timely for me because it’s a commentary on the absurdity that is the hype on Drake. It is absurd guys. I mean, yay for running through the 6 with one’s woes but let’s be real, Drake as GOAT is a stretch. Just saying. 🙂

And now, a picture of a white boy..

.Tom Misch

Tom Misch is boss. This boy is a Dilla-disciple who makes some of the smoothest grooves you have ever heard. Look him up. He helps with bad days.

One track in particular blesses the soul…

“On my mind” was just so nice I had to find out how the man made it. In true Dilla-esque fashion he sampled the shit out of a lovely old song by a band called Orpheus…

To be honest, “On my mind” hardly feels like a sample. It’s more like an edit of Orpheus’ “I’ve never seen love like this” only with different lyrics. They are pretty much the same song with changes here and there. Both have amazing harmonies and sound like what a beautiful, full-bodied wine tastes like. Sorry for the confusing synaesthetic talk but you get it right?

“On my mind” is a song for when you are just settling into a new love…right after you’ve gotten over the initial mania that comes with being in love, but just before your love begins to feel familiar.

Good feelings.

Enjoy both these gems on this warm Wednesday and get you some more Tom Misch here.



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