Tenkful Tuesday #2: Sampa The Great


Kelela’s latest jam is a grower. Listen twice and it will play in your head all day. The drums and snares by Kingdom and Nugget and her breathy soprano remind me of Janet for some reason. So many young artists borrow form Ms. Janet lately…understandably so, she is queen. We give thanks for her existence quite often on here.

Today however, we are giving thanks for a young Zambian Femcee who’s latest release is for straight chills…


Guys, you aren’t ready for Sampa The Great. Enjoyini.

There’s nothing as beautiful as seeing a young, black woman own her bad-assery. “The Great” is so apt because honestly, everything is one hunn’d.

Sampa 2

I’m so excited about this girl man. I haven’t heard an MC this fresh in a while.

Content – Listen to this

Wordplay- Sema dense lyrical mazes.

Delivery – The definition of sublime.

The girl is winning. Ok? And she’s so young man. Like I want to start bawling when I think about how young she is cause if this is what she can do now, hata sijui.

The great mixtape has that really rare vibe where it sounds like a classic album but it just pushes so many boundaries man. Haven’t heard anything like it since Digable Planet’s “Reachin’ ( A new refutation of Time and Space)”

Anyway, it’s just a really good time for women in hip hop in terms of creativity. They are ouchea breaking the mould and taking the art form to the place it needs to go. Artists like Noname Gypsy, Little Simz, Nitty Scott…all these girls are getting slept on despite being the ones moving things forward.


Whatever you do though, don’t sleep on this young lady.

This one is here to stay.

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