Straight outta patience: Tuesday Thoughts #2


I’ll keep it short.

I won’t be seeing this film.

I am a student of hip hop, so I understand the importance of NWA in the culture. They gave a voice to black frustration at a time where it was badly needed and for that they will have their place in history. However, as a black woman, I simply cannot ignore the brutal lyrical and actual violence these men waged against black women, and how years later those sentiments are carried by so many black men. The fact that they had that much influence and thought nothing of dehumanizing women will never be excusable to me.

And everyone wants to play dumb. Literally, when people defend this shit they are saying to we as black women “Why won’t you just be quiet and let us dehumanize, degrade or erase you for our own enjoyment? Such a killjoy!”

I am slowly realizing that I have absolutely no need for an art-form that seeks to oppress women who look like me, why would I? The blatant misogyny in hip hop is no longer tenable for me. If an artist is problematic they SHALL be held accountable. I would sooner wish death on hip hop as a genre than see another black woman degraded, dehumanized or killed because of it.


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