Young Maestro Mondays #1: Eric K.

It’s Monday. Do the dance.

beyonce pink

Been away this past week. Needed a little break from the hamster-wheel of a life most of us lead so I did some reading (Frantz Fanon, hurrah), writing (notes on Frantz fanon, hurrah), beer-drinking (the new, big-ass Heineken, this is not a plug) and not-worrying (via a strangely addictive colouring app)

Anywhere, here I am ready kusoma, kuskiza na kutenda once again. How’s your Monday? Good? Bad? Blah?

Whatever your day is like this should be good fuel for your Monday March…

I am not big on genres, so I don’t know if this is deep house, progressive house, electronica…sijui. I just know when something sounds good. This does.

Eric K

Eric K is a 20 year old DJ/Producer from Nairobi who’s new EP is really doing a number on my jidenna-ed-out brain. The three-track collection creates a stark sound-scape that one imagines a lone Fremen playing on his ipod whilst riding a sandworm through Arrakis.

On first listen the tracks sound minimal but on paying close attention , one realizes just how layered they actually are…a testament to the young maestro’s skills.

Listen, story nyingi ya nini? This shit is good. That’s all. Ok? 🙂

Follow Eric K. on his soundcloud for more on his work.

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