Fave Fridays #3


Came across this gem of a song when I was invited to DJ for a swanky art gallery opening about a year ago. I figured the mostly white people there needed a funky groove to let loose to. Mr. Carmack is a boss beat-maker from San-Francisco, whose new EP Red is life. Also listen to the truly fantastic original by the very talented Breezy Lovejoy.

Haiya, it’s Friday, so we are shouting out our faves and today we have a a genuine article on our hands. These days a true original is hard to come by. Well we are in luck because we have one in our midst: This guy…

.smiso 1

Okmalumkoolkat is his name. First heard him on this great friday-feeling joint as one half of Dirty Paraffin

You don’t have to know what he’s saying to get off your feet. Listen to that production…Such Lo-Fi bad-man-ness. Anyway, I actually got the chance to meet him in late 2013 when he was in the country to perform at what was supposed to be the biggest Ten cities gig. Unfortunately, the Westgate terror attack happened on the same day so we never got a chance to experience them on stage. RIP to the lost ones. He was in the country for about a week after that and I got the chance to sit in on one of his recording sessions and it was something else. Dude is very cool, very clever and has the work ethic of a german. I was impressed.

From then he was on my radar, and I’ve been enjoying all the work he’s doing, particularly as a solo artist. Then early this week, this dropped in my lap…

This is the first single from his latest offering. Today, he drops 100K MaCassette, his new mixtape and from what you can hear, it’s not your grandmother’s hip hop.

I’m quite excited, are you? If you are looking for a new soundscape to explore, this is the the guy to look out for.

Check out his sound cloud for more of his work.

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