Tenkful Tuesday #1


SZA is one of those girls whose natural cool factor is a little annoying.  People like her, and Erykah Badu, and Syd the Kid from the internet (“Ego death” review is coming up this week btw)  give me so much pressure man.  Oh, so you just woke up all centered in the earth, but reaching heaven-ward, and completely comfortable in your skin huh?

Gerrarahia gif

Do me a favour please…Gerrarahia SZA…

Anyway, we give thanks for SZA and her bomb-ass, ethereal sounds (which you can enjoy more of on this lovely spotlight mix done by our friends over at Human Acoustics). Another thing we are thankful for this Tuesday…Janet Jackson’s “No sleeep” video.

Guys, Janet (Ms. Jackson if you are nasty) is back and I couldn’t be happier with the direction her upcoming album, “Unbreakable” seems to be taking. She released the single during the recent BET awards where she got an icon award, and now we have the video featuring the bae. J. Cole. (God, I love that man)

Ms. Janet is serving us quiet-storm realness with this track. But before we go into the music, let’s get superficial and just talk about how this woman has aged like fine wine. I mean.


1993 Vs 2015

Still a non-believer?

No sleep gif

49 years old

JAnet gif 2

27 years old

Check. That. Melanin.

Ok, Back to the music. So I love the song. First heard it when she came out to receive her icon award and I was like, “What’s that?”. It gets you right from the start with this really silky bassline. Have to admit that on listening to it later, I wasn’t falling over myself, but after a few listens I got really into it. This tends to happen for me a lot with Janet’s music for some reason.

The song is basically about how Janet’s love interest, who it seems has been away for a while, is going to get it in it’s entirety…Ki-juma nature…as in, hakuna kulala. I’m here for implied smutiness in songs. Amen. She went with her long-time collaborators Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis for the production, and clearly they are still Hashtag: TEAM. They work so well together. Over their masterfully created track, her lush vocals gradually change from a sensual cooing into her signature sweet soprano. It’s just lovely guys.

Halafu, Mr. Cole, my boo-in-my-head, jumps in towards the end.

J cole


He drops his usual clever wordplay talking about sijui being the one, getting caught in the matrix, me the love interest bringing the food and him bringing the dessert…I’m just there like…

yas gif

*sips water*

Anyway, I noticed he didn’t go as sexy as he could have for his verse, probably out of deference for Ms. Jackson who is a queen. My baby is SO respectful 🙂 … Boys, borrow a leaf, respect your elders and don’t get all sexual-innuendo-like on a queen unless she asks you to, mmkay?

I actually think Cole was good choice for this. Sonically and hype-wise (yes, i just made up that word) he doesn’t overpower Ms. Janet, plus he’s just so YUM…and then from an AnR perspective he has enough clout right now to generate interest in Janet from a demographic that was probably asleep on her.

Basically the song is a winner and will be a great add to your playlist this week, and for a long time to come. I have no idea when the album comes out but I’m really looking forward to see what’s in store for us.

Thank you Black Jesus for the return of Ms. Janet.

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