Wednesday Wrap-up #2


YouTube suggested this and put it into my mix (along with some many other interesting selections like this and this.) Makes sense though because I have been listening to A LOT of RnB lately. I’m deep in my feelings for some reason, plus I like to pretend that I can also belt out those octaves when I’m miming along.

So I know I’ve been away this last week. I’m really sorry. 😦 To be honest , I don’t have any real excuse, sometimes I just panic that I’m not doing this whole thing properly, or that it’s not having any real impact and it kinda paralyzes me. Well, today I slapped myself out of my catatonic state and I promise not to to give in to the fear again. Did you miss me?

miss me gif

Well I missed you. 🙂 Here’s a round up on what’s going on in the music since we last spoke:

1. Frank Ocean’s missing album


Everyone’s been waiting on that new Frank Ocean album that was due out this July. With only a few days left till the end of the month, fans began panicking early this week on the internets when it seemed like all we were going to get was crickets. So far, word is the album, which will be his latest release since his 2012 hit album “Channel orange”, should be out on July 24th. This is speculation though, so if he doesn’t deliver don’t come for me. Lol. Are you guys excited or nah? I’m keen to see what his new sound is like since the man is very experimental, but I’m not ouchea dying like a lot of people to be honest .

Frank Ocean 2

2. Nicki Minaj, Taylor Swift and the dismissal of black female artists time and time again. Ugh.

I’m not going to recount the full story here, cause you probably already know the details, and I don’t even ati particularly stan for either one of these artists, but I will say this: Black female artists have never been given their credit, and when they talk about it they are portrayed as bullies or “angry and petty.” Do not try it white media. Also, I AM NOT HERE for Taylor’s weak attempts to dismiss Ms. Minaj. Guys, Kanye knew what he was talking about. As Doreen St. Felix said, “To be a black woman and genius, is to be perpetually owed.”

Kanye Shrug

3. Blinky Bill’s Solo Concert

So I missed this and the FOMO is real. Blinky Bill, he who sings lead for our Hashtag:Faves over here, Just a Band, had his first Solo show last Friday at the Elephant and apparently it was straight faya. When’t the next one Blinky? Should we expect an album? And what does this mean for the band? 🙂 #someoneaskBlinky Also if you were there si you share your thoughts in the comment section.


4. And finally, major LOLz…(with a hint of side-eye)

So someone did this, and I thought it was too masterful not to share…

rachel d

I mean, a picture is worth a thousand words. I really hope people will stop giving this lady interviews, airtime and even a thought, since actual black people have an actual white supremacy to overcome. Tsk.

That’s all for this Wednesday. Please let me know what you think about the stories or if I missed any in the comment sections. Also you can reach me on instagram, facebook and twitter.

If you haven’t listened to Patricia’s show, get on it. We’ll be recording the next show this Saturday, if Obama and his boys let us.



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