SWL Episode 4 – Patricia Kihoro

SWL Patricia

Fun times were had a few weeks ago, when a very chipper Patricia Kihoro graced us with her presence at the studio. Patricia and Benjy (he who puts this show together, thanks Benjy!) started off with some chips and Kuku- Porno, and then we all followed with, eh, beverages 🙂

By the time we sat down, we were ready for a good time, and that’s precisely what we had.

giant wine glasses




Although she is a singer, actor and radio host, Patricia was on our show in her capacity as an actor and has been acting pretty much all her life, taking on different personas from as young as 5. With cheek, humour and a refreshing honesty, she took us through the soundtrack of her life, sharing charming little anecdotes on what was going on in her life when she encountered the songs she calls “hers”.

Patricia also spoke to us about her craft: what it means to her, why she does it, which is her favourite role so far and who she would like to play in the future. That was enlightening to say the least.

Have a listen to the full conversation as well as some of her stellar selections. Girl has an ear. Also, if mixcloud acts up on you, try this link here.

You’ll notice it’s a little longer than usual this time; that’s because I decided to let the songs  play for a little longer. Share your thoughts on the show, and your suggestions for her in the comment section, or on our fb, twitter or IG.

You can find Patricia on her website, www.patriciakihoro.com.

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