Hashtag: ThrowbackThursday #1

Listen, I grew up in the early 2000s so I’m just going to start by saying a lot of my throwbacks will be from around that period. And I’m not ashamed. Yes, that was the era that churned more board-room made artists than any other but guys, the music was goooooooood.


Case in point, Case. (see what I did there?)


You guys remember Case…he of “I’m missing you” fame. I didn’t really like that particular song, on account of Kiss 100 playing it about 70 times a day when it came out. He did however, release another single from his “Open Letter” album, and it is MY JAM.

Everything about this song is life. Exquisitely produced by Tim Kelley and Bob Robinson, “Not your friend” has aged perfectly. Sure, you can tell when it was made, but, even the chil’rens cannot avoid the two step to this today. The video was also quite interesting, telling a story of hidden intentions with a light twist in the end.

I don’t know where Case is these days, and I would lie if I said he was missed, but I am grateful he made this oldie but goodie.

Side note: Do you know Beyonce starred in one of his videos? Enyewe people come from far 🙂

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