What’s new this Wednesday? #1

We try to keep you informed on what the 411 is on these here musical streets so that you know what to look out for. So every Wednesday, we are going to be sharing what news is exciting us.

This week, we are being blessed by the one and only, Nina Simone

Nina Simone 3

Art by Barbouilli


A new tribute tribute album, Nina Revisited, was just released featuring the voices of Lauryn Hill, Gregory Porter, Mary J. Blige, Usher and Jazmine Sullivan, to mention a few.

Nina simone

The calibre of artists here is very high. When the likes of Robert Glasper are involved, you can expect no less. It helps that Ms. Simone’s body of work,  ranging from heartbreaking love songs to the most rousing protest anthems, is simply excellent. The artists had a lot to work with, and from what we can hear they didn’t disappoint. Our favourite is Lauryn’s rap interpretation of “I’ve got life”. Lauryn STILL GOT IT.

Listen to the stream, read NPR’s comprehensive break down of the album here and share your thoughts with us.

Also, look for the netflix-produced film that coincided with the release of the album, “What happened Ms. Simone?” that has been described as an “astonishingly intimate yet epic portrait”.

Not very familiar with the works of Ms. Simone? Worry not, the YouTube saves. Enjoy the very best of her work here.

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