Magnum Opus Mondays #1

We are proud to introduce Magnum Opus Mondays here at SWL, where, every Monday, we’ll talk about some of the greatest songs to have ever been made.

This week, we bring you a hip-hop classic that has stood the test of time…


From their 1992 debut album “Mecca and the Soul Brother”, Pete Rock and CL Smooth gave us the incredible, “They reminisce over you (T.R.O.Y)”, a song that has been described by Talib Kweli as the definition of hiphop.


Coming off the success of their EP “All Souled out”, they released their first album to much acclaim, with T.R.O.Y as the lead single.

The song was a dedication to their fallen friend Troy Dixon, a member of Heavy D and the Boyz, who fell while performing and passed away.


Pictured Center

Starting with an unforgettable horn riff that was sampled from Tom Scott’s ‘Today” (off of the Honey Suckle breeze album) and coupled with a filtered bassline and very hard snares, T.R.O.Y moved and continues to move many a hiphop fan today.

Named one of the greatest hip-hop songs ever made by rolling stone, it’s easy see why this song has stayed relevant. Pete Rock truly is one of the greatest to ever do it when it comes to sampling. His orchestration here is really the best in my opinion, bar none… (Ok, maybe Dilla’s “Players”). Tom Scott even gave him props for the work he did. CL smooth tells a seamless,beautiful story over the track about family, struggle, love and loss.

Overall, the song is one for remembrance and healing for all our fallen loved ones. They really don’t make them like this any more.

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We dedicate this song to fellow hip-hop head and eternal friend Wairema Mathenge, who rested last year. I miss you ma.

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