SWL EPISODE 3 – Mugambi


I am lucky and glad to call Mugambi Nthiga a friend. He’s really something. A stellar human being, who is committed to his craft and damn good at it too.

He came into the studio a few Sundays ago and told us charming stories of his fascinating life…and the songs that have been the audio-bed of his adventures so far.

SWL Mugambi 1

“Acting is an exercise in humanity”

Wearing many hats but claiming acting as his truest expression, Mugambi called it a “truth-finding mission”, and shared why it means so much to him. It was hashtag:chuuch after he was done. Utabarikiwa.

Also on the menu was how his super-christian upbringing (shout-out to all my retired christian kids) impacted his ear, as well as a cringe-worthy, but funny story about which song sparked his sexual awakening…lolz and hugs ensued shortly after.

And finally, we got schooled on our Kenyan Music heritage with some REALLY sweet sounds from the 70s. I dare you not to dance when you hear what he had in store.

Have a listen and share your thoughts and questions in the comment section below. Also, drop your music selection suggestions for Mugambi on our instagram.

Listen here.

If mixcloud fails you, as it sometimes does, try this link.

Halafu, you can reach Mugash on Facebook, Twitter and IG.

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