mbithi shaz

No. This is not picture of two people having a serious discussion on economic policy…it’s on a matter much more important than that: The amazingly, suspenseful lyrics of Michael Bolton’s 90s classic “Said I loved you…but I lied”.

It got deep guys.

Mbithi Masya; visual artist, musician and film-maker sat in studio with us a few weeks ago and took us through the soundtrack of his life.

From his advanced early influences(thank you older siblings),to his bomb-ass ring tone, we had a great afternoon taking about his musics, his film and his life. The man is a gentleman and a scholar.

mbithi 2

“…music can be there for you…”, he said with a meaningful look in his  eyes. 🙂

Have a listen and tell us what you think in the comment section. We apologize for the echo-ey-ness in bits 😦

Listen here.

You can also try this link if mixcloud drops on you.

Talk to mbithi on his IG and twitter.

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